Monday, May 17, 2010

The Magic Brush

The Magic Brush

I look down in my brush and see it.

It’s shiny and bright and contrasts perfectly against the black background of the brush. And, the wild thing is, there’s more than one! There’s like a family in there, a colony maybe! All the second cousins showed up for the party in my brush!

“Somehow, my brush managed to pull all the shiny, silver hair out of my head,” I thought. “There CAN’T be any left on my head because of the volume that’s in the brush, just can’t be. I’ve never seen this much silver in my brush since I sprayed my hair for some type of performance.”

Isn’t that amazing? It left the brown, young looking, hairs in my head and took out all the silver. I look in the mirror, and my selective eyesight sees no silver! No silver left in the hair on my head. None, notta. All gone. The brush removed it!!!!

And you’re sitting there saying, “Uh huh, and you’re full of it, too, Lori!!!!”

Seriously, right? If I could find a brush that took out the silver, white and/or grey hairs out of the heads of people, I could sell “time with the brush” and make over a million bucks a year, don’t you think?

The advertisement might read, “Spend 15 minutes with the magic brush and rid your hair of all unwanted grey, silver, or white hair for just $49.95!!!’

Do the math.

$49.95 for 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year works out to be $1,750,248!!! I could easily pay employees to babysit the brush 24 hours a day, travel with the brush to various parts of the country and world, and keep the brush cleaned out and sterile for the next user. I’m sure there would be huge demands for the brush; if it did indeed, deliver as promised. That’s cheaper than a hair coloring!

I’m not sure how long the unwanted color would stay out of the hair, but I would imagine that it wouldn’t last forever, and there would be repeat users of the magic brush!

Defying age is something we’d all like to do. If you’re 20 and reading this, you might not get the concept just yet, but just wait, 30 will be here before you know it. Soon enough, you’ll realize that you are now as old as your parents were when you considered them “REALLY OLD!” and then your concept of age will change and you will begin the wonderful process of trying to defy it!

My “Old Meter” changes every year. Does yours? By that I mean, when I was 15, 30 was pretty old, 40 was there, and anything past 50 had one foot in the grave and the other one teetering on the edge. Seriously. Now that I’m 49, (and yes, I’m really 49, that’s not something I’m just saying because I want to hang onto that last year before turning 50), 50 isn’t really the age where you’ve got the foot in the grave. Now, that age is more like 80, maybe even 90! And when I’m 70, I’m sure that “old age” will be closer to 100.

We all joke about the aging process. You hear people around you, all the time, talk about parts of the body that sag now that didn’t used to, taking longer to get some where, not remembering things quite the way you used to, and just flat falling apart.

Medical tests become more and more frequent as you age. After 40, women are highly encouraged to get mammograms. An experience that really shouldn’t be privy to just the female sector of the world! I think every man should have to have their breasts smashed between two cold pieces of metal….surely some female doctor somewhere can come up with a good medical reason why this should happen? I just can’t believe the female medical community hasn’t come up with a sound reason yet.

Things like colonoscopy’s (oh those are so much fun to prepare for!), prostate exams (and no, gentlemen, this does NOT in anyway substitute for the mammogram, sorry, we have our type of exam for this, too, believe me!), and many others are recommended as we age and as our tiring body becomes more susceptible to certain types of diseases that reside in certain parts of our bodies.

I’ve had several friends pass away from cancer in the last year. I guess that’s something else we get to look forward to as we age. Friends and family begin to disappear. You go from being the youngest to being in the middle, to quickly being the oldest of those left. They go home. While we know their place with God is a much happier one, the loneliness we experience as they’ve moved away and left us, is something we experience more often with age. It’s a new kind of sadness we get to deal with more frequently.

The senses seem to dull with age as well. All of a sudden, that menu in the restaurant has to be taken across the room by the waitress before you can read it. You used to be able to tell when dinner was burning BEFORE it was too late. And your children and grandchildren accuse you of selective hearing and you honestly have no clue what on earth they are talking about. The sense of touch is numbed as you are poked and prodded by all the medical tests mentioned above, and Lord help your fingers if you are a diabetic. There’s no feeling left in those.

You creek when you walk, as potentially unwillingly release body fluids if you cough or sneeze.

It’s just not a fun process. Aging. Silver hair is the least of what happens, but it’s the one that seems to zap our vanity the most.

My daughter dated a young man that saw a silver hair in my head one time and wigged out. He seriously couldn’t believe it, and made a big deal out of it. Then, ever so slowly, he’d realized what he’d just done. He had just pointed out to a woman that she had silver hairs…..not real bright. He thought for a second, when he realized that he’d just told his girlfriend’s mother she had a silver hair, and hurriedly pointed out Proverbs 16:31 – “The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, If it is found in the way of righteousness.” Good recovery on the part of the young man, you must admit.

Now, God did put the word “if” in there. That means silver hair is a crown of glory IF you got it through the way of righteousness.


I’m not a theologian, but to me, that word culminates the words truthful, honest, obedient, ethical, just, innocent, true, and sincere, just to name a few. To be righteous, to me, means that you are everything God wants you to be, which is everything He already is. It is everything He desires for us to be. We should all desire to be righteous, as it says in Matthew 5:6, Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.

So, the changing effect that age has on my body is okay as long as I can wear it as a crown of glory. I am thankful that God is patient, because I’m working on the righteousness concept. That’s a big word with a tall order behind it in my mind.

If you think of silver hair as a crown of glory, though, it really does make it easier to swallow. I’m glad that the young man stumbled upon that silver hair of mine that day and told me of that special verse. When the magic brush doesn’t quite get all of them out of the hairs left on my head, I just remind myself that I’m growing a “crown of glory” up there!